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Strain Review: After Dinner

Strain Review: After Dinner

A number of my things that are favourite purple — grapes, eggplants, violets, lavender and Prince.

Several of my favourite cannabis strains are purple too!

Quebec’s own producer that is licensed Hydropothecary includes a signature distinct cannabis items it calls ‘Time of Day.’ That makes it super simple for Day patients to figure out what medicine to use at what time of.

Is practical.

At $15/ a gram, it is the ‘Signature’ line, however the great componentis, you can easily order these things by the gram, when you only want to test it, you’ll purchase 1 gram of all of the their signatory buds.

After Dinner, and Indica principal stress, is a discussion beginner for both its looks and its own effects — more on that later on.

As I spill the clear cup jar from it’s contents to essentially get a glance atthis lovely woman, i believe to myself, Barney the Dinosaur might be a far better title with this stress because it’s perhaps one of the most purple colored buds I have ever noticed in my tenure as being a cannabis aficionado. Continue reading